About Axxon Pain Medicine

The Axxon journey

An axon is a nerve fibre that runs from the centre of the nerve out to its destination. Each axon has its own course, its own journey. Its energy creates change. At Axxon Pain Medicine, every member of our team wants to make a difference. 

Chronic pain leads people to a difficult place. They find it difficult to even express how their life has changed due to the condition, and find they are suddenly outsiders from their support networks and sometimes from the people who are trying to help them. Their life often spins out of control. 

The pain experts

Axxon Pain Medicine is proud of being a group of people from a variety of backgrounds with a shared focus. We want to be the practice people come to when they want the best relief available for their pain.

Our way to achieve this is to listen, to be thorough and diligent in our process. We are our patients advocate, and we want to protect them from harmful or ineffective treatments and guide them through what current medical practice says works best.

We are actively engaged in training the new generation of medical specialists, and we regularly provide education sessions to other doctors and health staff.

We are leaders at the forefront of pain management and we provide comprehensive, ethical and compassionate care for our patients.

Our qualifications speak for themselves. Leading our clinical staff are specialists who have been highly awarded at national and international levels.