Natural Progression of Spinal Degeneration

back pain in the elderly

Back pain is a common issue among the elderly, often attributed to various factors related to the aging process. One of the primary causes is degenerative changes in the spine, including conditions such as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis, which can result in discomfort and reduced mobility.

Additionally, weakened muscles, reduced bone density, and age-related wear and tear can contribute to back pain. In some cases, underlying health issues like herniated discs or spinal tumors may also be culprits.

It’s crucial to address these concerns through appropriate exercise, physical therapy, pain management strategies, and, when necessary, medical interventions.   

Learn more in our video with Dr Brendan Moore. 

Dr Brendan Moore
Dr Brendan Moore

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician
Specialist Anaesthetist

Location: Brisbane Private Hospital