Suprascapular Nerve Pain

Shoulder pain

Suprascapular nerve pain, caused by entrapment or injury to the suprascapular nerve, typically presents as severe, deep, aching pain radiating from the top of the scapula to the shoulder. This neuropathy can lead to various symptoms, including weakness and atrophy of the shoulder muscles, particularly the supraspinatus and infraspinatus.

Patients may experience difficulty with overhead activities and external rotation of the shoulder. Diagnosis involves a comprehensive evaluation of symptoms, physical examination, and diagnostic imaging techniques such as MRI or ultrasound.

Treatment options vary depending on the severity of symptoms and may include conservative measures such as rest, physical therapy, and NSAIDs, or more invasive interventions such as corticosteroid injections or surgical decompression.

Learn more in our video with Dr James O’Callaghan.

Dr James O’Callaghan
Dr James O'Callaghan

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician
Specialist Anaesthetist

Location: Brisbane Private Hospital, Greenslopes Private Hospital